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List of Jay Z & Nas songs where they shout out Eminem




1. Jay Z – “Excuse Me Miss,” ft. Pharrell Williams (2003)

Lyrics: “Got one chef, one maid, all I need is a partner / To play spades with the cards up, ALL TRUST / Who else you gon’ run with? The truth is us / Only dudes movin’ units – Em, Pimp Juice and us.”

2. Jay Z – “A Star Is Born,” ft. J. Cole (2009)

Lyrics: “Wayne did “A Milli,” 50 did a milli / Ye too, but what Em did was silly / The white boy blossomed after Dre endorsed him / His flow on “Renegade,” f**king awesome! / Applaud him!”

3. Nas – “Be A Ni**er Too” (2008) 

Lyrics: “There’s verbal books published by ni**as, produced by ni**as, Genuine ni**as, so I salute my ni**as / Not mad cause Eminem said, “Ni**a,” cause he my ni**a.”

4. Nas – “Ether” [Jay Z diss] (2001)

Lyrics: “You a*s, went from Jaz to hangin’ with Kane / To Irv, to B.I.G. – and Eminem murdered you on your own s**t.”