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New study says Eminem is the most expensive artist in the world




Based on a new study by, an English price comparison website-company that specializes in findings from bank figures, mortgages and more spending, following the timelines of certain rappers could cost you more.

If you are a music fan, you have probably spent a lot of money throughout your life on concert tickets, merch, and various other products and events sold by your favorite artists.

The study surveyed 65 of the world’s biggest artists and rap/hip-hop acts occupies the first five spots. The list is led by Eminem, with an estimated $2,966.66 cost per fan. Travis Scott comes second ($2,244.39), then Drake ($1,543.42), Kanye West ($1,395.56) and Kendrick Lamar ($1,231.31) all followed Eminem as the most expensive artists for fans to support.

Several deciding factors went into the criteria including calculating in the average price of an album download + average price of a 12″ vinyl album, the cost of official merch products, the artist’s average concert ticket price and the value of authentically autographed items.

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