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Kxng Crooked compares few of Eminem albums




Yesterday, West Coast legend, Kxng Crooked did the question and answer session with his fans on Twitter where he was asked to compare few of Eminem albums.

Fan: I’m not letting you off easy, Crook. The Eminem Show or The Marshall Mathers LP?

Crooked: For me, personally, it is The Marshall Mathers LP. I have my reasons. But I will not debate if someone likes The Eminem Show better.

Fan: King, which album do you like more, The Eminem Show or Relapse?

Crooked: The Eminem Show, easy call.

Fan: Music To Be Murdered By Side A or Music To Be Murdered By Side B?

Crooked: You are asking someone who is on Side A. I am not in a non-biased opinion today.

Fan: I got difficult one for you, The Allegory or The Book Of Ryan? [Royce 5’9″ albums]

Crooked: Book Of Ryan all day.