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Alchemist shows love to Eminem



Eminem / The Alchemist

For Episode 02 of ‘Conversations’, Cardo Got Wings sat down with iconic producers The Alchemist. Coinciding with the release of Lucid Monday Magazine’s Issue 07, this episode dives into their creative processes, perspectives on the evolving music industry, and a look into the minds behind some of the most influential music today.

At one point during the conversation, the two briefly talked about Eminem.

Alchemist: I was lucky to tour with Eminem all the time and deejaying for him in so many countries. We be chilling man. He’s the coolest dude ever man.
Cardo: He’s the funniest motherf–ker I know. That’s who I would like to work with man, it’s Em. He’s a legend in my hood.
Alchemist: Man, if you think we are working hard, I never seen anybody work like this.
Cardo: Does he have a flip phone for real?
Alchemist: Yes…He’s on a different level of stratosphere. In the minute I think I’m working hard, If I go out there and see him, I’m like ‘alright, I gotta do better. I got to work harder.
Cardo: Does he still make beats?
Alchemist: Everything. He’s an Enigma. He’s Eminem.
Cardo: Once I heard him doing Renegade on Blueprint, I was like ‘Em is really nasty.’
Alchemist: Unbelievable. And he’s on it everyday. Touring with him I got to have a lot off days in other countries so I just hit record stores and come home.

Alchemist has recently denied putting production credits on Eminem’s new single “Houdini,” from his upcoming 12th solo studio album, The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grace). For some reason, fans believed he’s was the man behind the keyboards but the track was produced by Eminem himself.