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MC Shan defends Eminem against “Culture Vulture” narrative




MC Shan has recently chopped it up with PANDA CHOP! News where the legendary Queensbridge-born rapper trashed Dr. Umar Jonson again and defended Eminem against culture-vulture narrative.

And now, what I would ask these people, that motherf–kers say ‘Uh, I’m black and I support you.’ How many of you black motherf–kers pulled up the same? That n-gga Eminem had three of my s–t. Eminem has three of my motherf–kin’ cassette. He ain’t just have one. How many people from my own mother–kin’ culture came back and said ‘I’ve got this to match Eminem’s’ F–k y’all n-ggas talking about? Now I can start questioning all the folks to say they f–k with me. How come y’all dogging Eminem as a white boy but he could show me three of my cassettes and not I can’t put three of you mother–kers together that could show me you got one. So, f–k y’all n-ggas. And that’s that Dr. Umar matherf–kin message that you don’t deal with reality. You just look at the color.” said MC Shan.

Then he continued talking about people who spread culture-vulture narrative on Eminem: “That’s Vlad, Vlad is a culture-vulture. Eminem was in trenches. F–k that! Ain’t nothing else to say about this question. That motherf–ker was in the trenches. Now, I wanna ask Black people this s–t, when Charlotte’s Zeal was going on, did you bring your solo black a-s into Charlottesville when they were doing all that mothef–kin’ white people s–t? No, you didn’t! But let me tell you where Eminem was very different, it was not even Charlottesville motherf–ka. Detroit was full of black motherf–kers. And when he went to them f–kin’ hip-hop shows, you know who was it full of? Black motherf–kers. So, he felt like the only white boy as a black man going to Charlottesville mothef–ker, by goddamn self. In the heat of danger! So, let’s just talk about how Eminem was THAT motherf–ker. In the heat of danger, Eminem in the streets of Detroit! People don’t understand that. You have to look at Eminem as that one white individual that went amongst the f–king wolves. I ain’t seen none of you gang busters with AKs in Charlottesville, I ain’t seen none of you bustin’ your guns. You would have been against the same odds that this white boy from Detroit that didn’t grow up as Mark Zuckerberg with a college f–king education. So, how you gonna f–king talk about this man when he did things that you don’t even have a heart to do on the simplest levels. Yeah, he may have some black friends but those few black friends might not have been able to save him from those many black people who wanted to bust his motherf–kin’ a-s. So, don’t tell me Eminem was not in the trenches.

MC Shan has previously defended Eminem against Pan-Africanist Dr. Umar Jonson who said that Eminem can’t be considered as one of the greatest rappers of all time because he’s white. Em even responded MC Shan with an epic tweet on X. Check out MC Shan’s new interview below: