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Danny Brown says it’s hard to work with Eminem


Danny Brown has just released new album, titled Quaranta. It marks his sixth and final album released on Warp Records, with future releases being handled through his own label Bruiser Brigade Records.

To promote the album, The Detroit rapper sat down with Vulture magazine for an exclusive interview where he briefly talked about Eminem.

Interviewer: I have been thinking a lot about “Detroit vs. Everybody,” which features you and Eminem. Is there a relationship there? I feel like we should have had a long history of collaborations.

Danny Brown: I would love that. I only met him one time. It is kind of hard to work with him, I feel. He has got his small circle, and that is all he f–ks with. You can not blame him.

For the full interview, visit Vulture here.

Few months ago, Danny Brown talked about Eminem and how Slim Shady influenced his style on his Danny Brown Show with Logic. I think Eminem is having a blast. That’s really what I think. Of course he can quit tomorrow and his legacy is still stamped. But he’s still out here like ‘f–k that, coffee pot.’ He’s still out here like ‘I’mma do what I wanna do, I don’t give a f–k.” I’m pretty sure he knows motherf–kers joking on him and this and that but it’s a fact that he don’t give a f–k. He still keep going. He’s still busting bars. I appreciate that more than anything. People look at this s–t like a young man game and this and that but nah man, let him rock. What if he was caught in the moment of like ‘I gotta make s–t that you all motherf–kers to like.’ I think he’s making s–t that he enjoys. And I feel like he probably was doing that s–t at one point of time in his career where he was like ‘I gotta make a hit song, I gotta do this and that.’ It’s Em. He got a legion of f–king followers. I actually had a pleasure to open for him few times. My biggest show I ever played. F–king Wembley Stadium with Eminem and it was f–king amazing. I can’t never say nothing bad about Eminem. And I got a lot of my style from him. To be honest.” Danny said.

Check Danny Brown’s latest music video from the new album below: