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Big Gipp says only rapper closest to 2Pac is Eminem




Hip-Hop veteran Cameron F. Gipp, better known by his stage name Big Gipp, who is a funding member of Goodie Mob rap group based in Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of himself, CeeLo Green, Khujo and T-Mo, has recently done an interview with The Art Of Dialogue where shared his thoughts on who has the biggest influence in the rap game.

“Yes, best technical rappers coming from New York but hey man, just because you can technically rap better than me does not mean you are better than me. You might get me for a song or two, okay, but if I can get more people to see my records than you, s–t.” said Big Gipp

Then he continued: “It’s about whose music reached the most people. That’s what this game is all about. Whose music reached the most people. Break color lines, religious, influence, everything. Aye man, I ain’t seen nothing bigger than 2Pac. And the closest to 2Pac is Eminem. That’s the truth. That’s the truth. It’s by numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Yeah they do sometimes but when you talk about numbers for real for real.”

You can watch the interview below: