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Eminem talks how Tupac’s passing affected his life




From Allen Hughes, the award-winning director of critically acclaimed The Defiant Ones, comes FX’s Dear Mama, a deeply personal five-part docuseries that defies the conventions of traditional documentary storytelling to share an illuminating saga of mother and son, Afeni and Tupac Shakur.

The documentary features cameo from Eminem, among Dr. Dre, Mike Tyson and others. Slim Shady briefly talked about how Tupac’s death affected his life and his relationship with his mother, Afeni.

“When I heard Tupac dead I was cooking in the restaurant and tickets were pilling up and s–t. I’m like ‘I don’t care, fire me!’ That was devastating. I was just like ‘OH MY GOD!'” said Eminem.

Then he continues: “Tupac was the first rapper to me that could make you cry. I felt him that much. You know, me not knowing my dad and s–t that was going on with my mom and whole s–t, it was just like ‘OH MY GOD, THAT’S ME!’ He was one year older than me, he was only 25 years old and we were just like ‘WHAT THE F–K.'”

“After he passed man, he had ten more albums. Afani understood I was such a huge Tupac fan. She’s like the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. And she was like ‘do what you feel’ and then they gave me all his acapellas. That was one of the funnest times in my life.” Eminem added.

You can watch Eminem’s segment below: