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Hopsin releases Eminem, Stan Lee & Hans Zimmer inspired music video




Hopsin is back and he’s brining something new to the hip-hop world: Hop-Sinematic Universe which is inspired by one of the biggest composers and music-producers Hans Zimmer, legendary comic book writer and producer Stan Lee, actor and filmmaker Jordan Peele, Detroit’s own hip-hop icon Eminem and Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama.

In his latest post on Instagram, Panorama City, Los Angeles-born rapper who was heavily inspired by Slim Shady, writes:

“This is not the intro to an album. It is not a tour promo. The question is….What would creativity look like if you fused Hans Zimmer, Stan Lee, Jordan Peele, Eminem and Akira Toriyama (DBZ creator) together?

Then he continues: “I do not have the exact answer, but I want to represent the idea of what that answer could potentially be. I will not lie, Hip hop has become really boring to me. Everyone’s doing the same stuff, pretending to be overly cool in ways that are not true to their nature. We are all just copying everyone to remain “safe”. I have been guilty of it too. I do not want to be safe anymore. So I am going to create truly from the inner child within me, without feeling like I have to fit the mold of whatever a rapper “should be”.

I am finally becoming the creator that my mother knew I was destined to be as a child. In a couple weeks, I am dropping again. Welcome to the Hop-Sinematic Universe.” – Hopsin added.

After the announcement, Hop dropped the cinematic music video of his new song “Arrival.” You can watch it below: