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Logic describes meeting Eminem & Royce 5’9″ in Hawaii, details how “Homicide” came about




Logic has recently sat down with DJ WHOO KID on WHOO’s HOUSE podcast where the two talked about many things, including how the song “Homicide” came about and what was his first reaction when he first saw Royce 5’9″, Eminem and The Alchemist during their tour in Hawaii.

“I had that beat and I just started rapping…I was just like, man, that was good. Paul was president of Def Jam at that time and I was like ‘let’s pull some strings’. I sent him a record and he got it to Em and obviously I didn’t expect then I got the call saying ‘he likes the song he’s gonna do the song.’ and I was like ‘oh, my god, it’s crazy.'” said Logic.

Then he continues: “And then a week later, I got a call ‘yo, Em wants you to go open up for him in Hawaii at the stadium. I’m like ‘OH, S–T,’ so I got out there. I’m nervous. I’m like ‘oh my god.’ I’m so hyped. I’mma meet him! OH MY GOD. You don’t understand bro, my sister used to put Forgot About Dre from the radio to cassette on side A and she would put back and forth all the way outside A and all the way outside B and I was rapping over it. That is like the first real memory consuming hip-hop and it was him [Eminem] and Dre.”

From there, Logic continues talking about Hawaii tour: “So I get there, all the securities are there, guards, they all nice. I walk in and see Royce 5’9″ who is the hommie. Wearing his glasses and s–t. I see Alchemist. I dab them all and here comes the f–king Eminem with this beard that’s new at that time I’m like ‘woah this is crazy.’ He was so f–king cool bro. He was so humble! He’s the biggest rap nerd.”

“Em says, I got something and this motherf–ker pulls out the CD and his CD player and in the green room he plays the song and as he plays, I was like ‘Oh my god, is my verse on this?!’ And he KILLED IT. It was a dream come true and absolutely amazing.” Logic added.

You can watch the interview below: