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Logic shouts out Eminem in a new song, teases another song with Slim Shady



Logic / Eminem

Logic has been working on Ultra 85 album “for years and years and years.” That was based on an interview with The Greatest Creators With Guy Raz in early 2024. His fans definitely know that, as a lot of people have been on the edge of their seats waiting a long time for this to come to fruition. That hopelessness should be coming to end at some point this year.

A few days after that announcement, the Maryland hip-hop artist would go on to drop the dance-inspired “Fear”. Then, the more straightforward banger, “44ever”, would follow in April, which brings us to “Deja Vu.” As soon as you spin this single, your ears may catch on to the familiar flows, lyrics, and instrumental. This certainly makes sense, especially due to the name of the record.

In the first verse (It’s actually the only verse on the song), Logic shouts out Eminem and probably teases another song with Slim Shady. “Who you know go toe-to-toe with Em? “Homicide,” might have to go again. Student of the game, I studied him JAY-Z, Nasir, and Rakim.” – Logic raps.

Possibly one of the most known songs from Logic’s discography, “Homicide,” featuring Eminem was the third single from Logic’s 2019 album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which received and garnered a positive reception. Logic talks about that feature with Eminem, saying that if he would ever have another Eminem feature, he will make it an effort to be on par with Eminem’s lyricism and delivery. He also said that he learned rapping techniques from Slim Shady, JAY-Z, Nas and Rakim. You listen to the new song below: