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Eminem’s brother Nathan visits Hailie on Just A Little Shady podcast




Nathan Kane Mothers, who has recently starred in Sam Logan Khaleghi’s Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge movie, sat down with Hailie on her Just A Little Shady podcast where the two looked back on what life was like growing up together. They also explained why Nate is more like a bruncle (brother-uncle) than a regular uncle. Nate also gave his take on current pop culture events, discusses what his life is like nowadays, revealed how/why his music career evolved into what it is today and shared his own shady story to end the episode!

During the interview Nathan recalled the times when he was trying to look like his brother Eminem and how he got tricked by his cousin to dye his eyebrows: “[Eminem] would get so many free  clothes and buy clothes that I would just take some. I would take his hand-me-downs, his huge ‘fat Farm’ outfits and stuff that I thought would fit me. I was like 110 pounds that time and trying to wear 3XL, fit perfect!”

“When I was 12, and went to your dad’s first show, my brother’s first show, my cousin John convinced me, going to his show, not only should I dye my hair that my brother also dyes his eyebrows. Being young I’m like ‘Oh really? I wanna dye my eyebrows too. Sounds like a perfect idea. I wanna look like twins.’ But it was not case. [Eminem] didn’t dye his eyebrows.”

You can watch the full thing below: