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Eminem’s daughter Hailie shares her top 5 most streamed artists of 2022




In her latest episode of Just A Little Shady Podcast, Hailie shared her top five most streamed songs and artists on Spotify in 2022 and not surprisingly, Eminem makes it at number one!

“I feel like I always get the question ‘Do I listen to my dad’s music. If you follow me on TikTok, I posted my Spotify Wrapped from last year because he was the number one artists on my thing and of course this year’s the same thing. It’s a lot of music that I listen to when I workout so it kinda makes sense. Lot of good workout songs. I’m gonna share top artists and top songs.”

“I listened to 59 genres of music. My top songs were: “Breakfest” by Dove Cameron, “I Love U” by the Chainsmokers, “Numb” by Marshmello and Khalid, “2step” by Ed Sheeran and Lil Baby and “10 Things I Hate About You” by Leah Kate.”

“And then, my top artists were, dad, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Drake. But again, that’s my home workout playlist.”

Lat year, Hailie shared a video, lip-syncing over Wendy Osefo’s viral words on Wendy’s show: “What? am I a Nicki fan? pull up in the Sri Lanka, WHAT?!”

On the video, the caption reads: “What? Do I listen to my dad’s music? I think my dad’s gone crazy!” Then Hailie shares the screenshot of Spotify Wrapped where she’s in the top 3% of Eminem listeners in 2021.

You can watch the latest episode of Just A Little Shady Podcast below: