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50 Cent

Ice Cube says Eminem & 50 Cent are the reasons N.W.A album with Snoop Dogg didn’t come out




To promote their new Mount Westmore album, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $hort has recently visited Bootleg Kev for an exclusive interview where the crew talked about record contracts, financial investing, new album and much more.

At one point of the interview, the legendary hip-hop figures talked about Dr. Dre.

E-40: I think Dr. Dre is the greatest producer in hip-hop, of all time. He’s a perfectionist. He’s on our Mount Westmore album. I think we are going to get songs out of Dre. We love Dre.

Bootleg Kev: Yo, how close you all were to do a f—ing new N.W.A. with Snoop? Where are those songs at?

Ice Cube: Not close at all. We were about to get into it and then he met Eminem and then he met 50 Cent. [Smiles] He met those two dudes and that just took his attention. We will now get something out of Dre. He has been sending me a lot of music.

E-40: Dre is a genius. Hopefully we get something out of him.

Too $hort: He was an early on Mount Westmore supporter. He got caught wind of the project early through Snoop. He pulled up with Snoop in studio. He put a snapper approve. He jumped on a song! We got a song with him but it didn’t make in this album. That will be on the second album.

In the same interview, E-40 addressed his “Busta Rhymes will eat Eminem in Verzuz battle” comments he made earlier this year and him and Ice Cube expressed his desire to work with Slim Shady.

You can watch the interview below: