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Cordae shows love to Eminem for “Parables” remix




Cordae and Eminem reflect on their personal histories for the remix of Cordae’s November 2020 single “The Parables,” from From a Birds Eye View album, which was the soundscape for a Beats by Dre commercial featuring tennis player Naomi Osaka, who is Cordae’s girlfriend.

In the first verse, Cordae reminisces upon the past states of morbidity and poverty he was once familiar with, acknowledging that the vast majority are incapable of empathizing or relating to his struggles. Remarking upon his successes, Cordae demonstrates how fame enables the avoidance of institutionalization in the second verse.

Eminem delivers a braggadocios and confrontational verse, reflecting upon his past and just how unprecedented the level of success he’s accomplished once seemed to him. Addressing his critics/competitors with animosity, Shady ironically enough acknowledges feelings of having a “red dot” on his head as a result of every word delivered throughout his career.

“Parables” are a story or comparison involving multiple things – making the title of the song itself a self-explanatory double-entendre.

“Parables is already a song that was, like, I sent it to Eminem, it’s already out. When I made Parables, I knew Eminem’s vocal tone would sound good on that, because the beat is like that eerie vibe with some Slim Shady Marshall Mathers LP sort of vibe, so I knew his vocal tone would thrive on that.” – said Cordae in an interview on Apple Music.

Yesterday, Cordae went on his Instagram to show the appreciation to Eminem for doing the remix of the song for his own album: “This s**t still crazy to me. A ni**a got Eminem on his album.” Cordae captioned.

You can check the screenshot of the story below: