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Bubba Sparxxx talks about Eminem dissing him on “GOAT”




Bubba Sparxxx has recently sat down with VLAD TV where the 45-year-old rapper reflected on his career and at one point talked about Eminem and what he though about Eminem dissing him on the leaked “GOAT” track.

Bubba said: “I hit Paul [Wall], obviously I did not directly contact Eminem at that time. That record was leaked. He had another record too. Me and Paul, we were shinning. It was Paul Wall time. Paul had told me about his addiction and what he was going through. And I get it. So when I heard that song, first of all, I never did Coke, I don’t know where this information came.”

Then he continues: “I never had a problem with cocaine. Timbaland has also addiction problems. So, with Eminem, I always felt like ‘After so many years, you gonna sneak attack me when I’m at lowest point in my life? I’m not even popping!’ and he explained to me how the song was older but I felt like even he dissing me he was actually paying quit a bit of respect. So, I didn’t really trip off of it.”

“Later on Eminem also mentioned me on his “Campaign Speech” song when Trump was running for office. He mentioned me in a freestyle then. I just know on a personal level that he is always a quiet guy. He would not say much about setting he would be in and at the end of the day he is like ‘how’s Bobby doing?’ I know the type of respect he has for me. I have every bit of respect him as well. It’s just, we all get pissy sometimes.” Bubba added.

Bubba Sparxxx also admitted that he failed to live up to being as good as Eminem. Bubba reflected on his rivalry with Eminem, explaining that he and Timbaland felt like they were competing with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

He said: “There were some areas where maybe I was stronger than him. But there were some areas where he was more experienced. First of all, he was older than me when he first came out … We was just two different human beings on a different journey.

Then he continues: “This is something that Tim and I have discussed too. Yeah, I failed to live up to being the second coming of Eminem. He failed to become the second coming of Dr. Dre in that situation. Even as far as getting caught up in that line of thinking of that’s what we’re competing with. Or we’re trying to match up with this standard of feeling like that was the pressure that was on us, though, in that building.

“But even just feeding into that line of thinking was a mistake, a grievous error on our part. And we definitely fell short of that [on the first album],” Bubba Sparxxx added.

Eminem dissed Bubba on a song “GOAT” which was leaked in 2010 and it was recorded during Em’s ‘drugged up’ phase and was probably to be released through his scrapped King Mathers album but it was never released officially. The song is about Eminem demanding respect as one of the greatest of all.

In the song, Em raps: See, you hardly ever do hear anyone even bringin’ up Paul Wall’s white / ‘Cause lyrically he / doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, see, he’s just aight / And Bubba Sparxxx, he just won’t write / Because he’s so caught up in that snow white / That Timbaland can’t even get him in the studio / He’s so gone off that coke, right? And it’s so sad ‘cause he’s dope, right? / America’s next great white hope, right? / So now they feel like they gotta come up with some corny-a– White Rapper Show, right?” (Lyrics from Genius)

Timbaland collaborated with Sparxxx on “Ugly” in 2001 and “Deliverance” in 2003, where Sparxxx even rapped about his struggles with addiction. Snoop Dogg had already declared Eminem the “Great White American Hope,” which makes it possible for Sparxxx to be the “next” one.

Eminem also mentioned Sparxxx in his “Campaign Speech” freestyle, in 2016 when Donald Trump was running for president. From Dylann Roof to Trayvon Martin, Donald Trump to Edward Norton, Eminem leaves no one out.

In the song, Eminem raps: “Love to start s–t / Shovin’ Clark Kent’s undergarments in the glove compartment / Of the bucket, bumpin’ Bubba Sparxxx / I’m double parkin’ up at Targets, trouble causer, a double crosser / Shadiest mothaf—a you’ll ever come across.”

Not long before “Campaign Speech” dropped, Bubba collaborated with Eminem’s signee Yelawolf on “Be Yourself.” Bubba Sparxxx was also signed to Yelawolf’s label, Slumerican, in March 2016.

Parking in two spots at Target isn’t the friendliest move, as one spot is more than adequate. In this scenario, being the “shadiest” refers to how inconsiderate Em’s parking choices are, but it’s also a play on his alter ego Slim Shady—he’s literally the shadiest alive.