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Bubba Sparxxx talks first time meeting Eminem



Eminem / Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx has recently sat down on BHighTV with Princess of Crime Mob and the rest of the crew where LaGrange, Georgia-born hip-hop artist recalled first time meeting Eminem at the Anger Management tour and almost giving up after hearing “My Name Is.”

“I’d like to talk to him [Eminem] now. I believe I will soon. I really want to do a record with Eminem in the next 365 days. That’s a challenge. I did meet Eminem in 2003, I believe it was the Anger Management tour. Just to set the scene: Everybody was there 50 is there, Andre is there, T.I. is there and Bizarre said ‘he want to talk with you’ like I was first [laughs]. This is the height of the beef with Ja Rule and all them.” said Bubba Sparxxx.

Then he continued: “First of all, two layers of presidential security so we go through the security, we get back there and Eminem is playing ‘Hail Mary’, so I walked in, waits till the song finishes and he said one of the most complimentary things anybody has ever said to me and it took me a days to really put it in perspective and understand exactly what he was saying. He said, I got nothing but good things to say about you. I said that’s mutual man, I really appreciate it bla bla bla. He said ‘look, I don’t know, if there had never been me, maybe you would have made it, but you deserved to make it whether there was ever me or not.’ Something like that. I forgot the exact words.”

“He said in the way where he kind have messed up for the rest of the night cause I was like ‘what is he saying though?!’ I didn’t feel like it was disrespectful but…The day I first saw Hi My Name Is, I went into deep depression man cause at that time it kinda looked like they ain’t gonna let another white boy. This white boy was perfect and he had Dr. Dre?! What?! I was like ‘well, f–k it.'” Bubba Sparxxx added. You can watch the interview below: