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Skylar Grey reveals one song that she regrets doing with Eminem




Skylar Grey has recently told her fans on Instagram to ask some unique questions. “Ask me something. Unique questions only…” – she wrote on her story while sharing one of her newest photos.

One user asked: “Are there any lyrics that you regret writing or do not believe anymore?” On which she replied: “Oh so many lyrics I have written that I no longer relate to…But no regrets.

Then she continues: “But I do sometimes wish I had not done that silly bicycle song. I was still finding my way back then. I would have so much rather done a dark beautiful song and video with Eminem…I feel like I kinda blew that opportunity. I was after a ‘hit’ rather than just making art.”

Skylar Grey and Eminem have made 10 songs together and “C’mon Let Me Ride” is one of them. The song dropped in 2012 from Skylar’s “Don’t Look Down” album and it is produced by Alexa da Kid. It samples the chorus of the 1978 hit song “Bicycle Race” by Queen.

The song is meant to poke fun at the prevalent theme of s-x in current pop music. Sky and Em use euphemisms for s-x in an exaggerated, sarcastic interpretation of what pop music is seemingly all about.

“The video is a combined effort between director Isaac Rentz, me and Eminem, and we just wanted to make sure it was very clear that it’s a sarcastic song.” said Skylar Grey in the interview.

Check the screenshot of her story and listen to “C’mon Let Me Ride” after the jump below: