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Skylar Grey announces re-recorded greatest hits album




Skylar Grey has recently sat down with fashion and lifestyle magazine Numéro Netherlands where the Mazomanie, Wisconsin-born singer and songwriter revealed that she is releasing re-recorded greatest hits album in near future. Check the conversation after the jump below:

You released the strip down version of “Love The Way You Lie” that you also wrote. How is it to get the credit for this amazing song, so long after it became worldwide success? Because you deserve it.

Most of the world doesn’t pay attention to who wrote or produced a song. Re-recording “Love The away You Lie” myself has helped me step out from the shadows and get recognized for my work. I’m super grateful for the huge success the song had with Eminem and Rihanna, but I never set out to write songs for other people to sing. That was never the career I envisioned for myself. Yeah, I got paid which is awesome, but it’s a very personal song. So, when people acknowledge my work on it, I feel more fulfilled spiritually.

Is there any artist you would like to collaborate with yourself?

I’ve already had my dream collaboration: Eminem. Multiple times. And I’d like to keep doing more with him. For me it doesn’t get any better than that. There are many other people I would love to work with, but if I never collaborated with another artist else again I’d die happy.

What are your plans for the future? Any new albums or exciting projects?

This year I’ll be dropping a Greatest Hits album which will include re-recorded versions of hit songs I’ve been a part of… “Love the Way You Lie,” “Coming Home,” and “Clarity”, to name a few. And I’ll be performing at a bunch of events. But I’m also simultaneously working on brand new music, which I’m most excited about. It’s in very early stages but will let you know when the project really starts taking shape.

Skylar Grey has already released her own version of “Love The Way You Lie” (Part 3) as a lead single for the upcoming project. She has provided vocals on several huge hit singles, such as Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go”, Diddy’s “Coming Home”, Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor”, Nicki Minaj’s “Bed of Lies”, Macklemore’s “Glorious” and Illenium’s “From The Ashes”. Additionally, she has written songs for a number of prominent artists in the music industry, including Kehlani, G-Eazy, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Zedd, Nick Jonas, Céline Dion, and CeeLo Green. You can read the full interview here and listen LTWYL (Part 3) below: