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Method Man shouts out Eminem on a new track with Vinnie Paz




Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz has released new album, titled Tortured in the Name of Gods Unconditional Love, featuring Method Man, M.O.P, Kurupt, Rass Kass, Thirstin Howl The 3rd and more.

Wu Tang Clan’s legendary Method Man comes into the picture for the unsettling “Invisible Ether” song, produced by Stu Bangas, rapping about what happens when they start to flow. During his verse, Meth shouts out Eminem with the following lines:

Staten in the buildin’, ain’t no accident
We might take a knee, amen, Kaepernick
I’m dope but I ain’t traffickin’
Nah, ain’t no comparison
Babblin’ rappers imaginin’ they battlin’ Eminem usin’ them bars, embarassin’
Everytime I ate I turn my passion into passionate
You hazardous and half of my Mobb Deep ain’t having it
Master this music, I ain’t Harriet
But still I took the underground road with no swing loose from chariots…

You can bump the new track below: