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Nick Cannon lists Top 5 rappers of all time, includes Eminem




Nick Cannon speaks with XXL Magazine Associate Editor Kemet High to discuss the artist’s recently released mixtape, The Explicit Tape: Raw & B, top five favorite rappers of all time, working with Stevie Wonder on upcoming album Ghetto Blues, being inspired by singer Summer Walker and much more.

“I do ‘top 5 rappers’ thing on my radio show all the time. Shouts out to everybody but number five is Marshall Mathers, Eminem. I gotta give props and respect and credit to the man cause he’s a beast because criteria for me for top five is obviously numbers, skill, flow, storytelling ability or messaging, lyricism based on the bars and how you put it all together and that dude checks all the boxes so definitely I’ll give Em number five.” – Nick Responded

Then he continues: “Andre 3000 forth. Slick Rick. I think Slick still holds my number three. My number three is questionable cause I wanna go with Slick Rick or Drake. That spot is right there for me. And two is Tupac and number one Jay-Z.”

You can watch the interview below: