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Nick Cannon says he won battle against Eminem, names common mistake him & MGK made




Nick Cannon has recently sat down with Bootleg Kev where he talked about living with 12 kids, the Eminem beef, quitting AGT, Wild N’ Out, Prank Wars and more.

At one point of the interview, he was asked if he ever regretted bringing out his Wild N’ Out boys into the beef with Eminem, on which Nick replied: “No. I thought that was amazing. Your attention is my currency baby, keep it going. All those guys are a lot more popular now than they were before they started it. That was just for the media. I was just trying to get people to watch Wild N’ Out.”

Then he continues: “I think I won the battle. If somebody picks a fight but does not show up to the fight…I was the one who was responding. He was on Fat Joe’s record. I love Eminem, he started f–king with me and then ran off like a little b–ch. It was all sport man. I love Em. But I won the battle. He did not respond!”

In the third diss record, I started bringing race into it. That’s why I went too far. I should have stopped at the second record. I was planning putting Benzino on the next record [Laughs]…But we all know Eminem is the GOAT. He definitely a top 5. But I think Drake is coming for the spot. Drake is better song maker than majority in the music industry. If we talking about punchline, bar for bar and lyricism, I’mma go with Drake. Eminem is the king of flow. Eminem is great storyteller. Might be one of my favorite story tellers in hip-hop. Eminem is probably number one storyteller cause ain’t nobody topping “Stan” and “Lose Yourself.”

“I was in Detroit last week with my man Royce. It’s all love. I think MGK made same mistake that I made. We were probably too excited and overzealous that we got to battle with the GOAT. We got to get in the ring with one of the best to ever do it. I was so excited. I was like ‘OH S–T, HE PAID ATTENTION!’ And the whole goal was to get attention.” – Nick Cannon added.

Watch the interview below: