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Yelawolf recalls getting a call from Eminem in a new song




Last month, Jelly Roll has shared information regarding his eagerly awaited new album, titled WHITSITT CHAPEL. The album, which is due out on June 2, will have 13 tracks and be titled after the church the Antioch native grew up attending.

“This album is about growth and gratitude happening in my life. I wanted to create a project that felt hopeful. I believe the worst feeling a person can have is feeling hopeless or worthless. This is therapeutic music. Real music for real people with real problems.” Jelly Roll shared in a statement.

WHITSITT CHAPEL serves as Jelly Roll’s debut full-length country record via BMG/Stoney Creek Records. Among the tracks featured will be his current singles, “Need A Favor” and “Unlive,” featuring former Shady Records artist, Yelawolf.

In the song, Yelawolf remembers getting a call from Eminem to offer him a record deal.

I was in Alabama at the trailer park
Bangin’ my head on the wall
Before I could buy my little girl a doll
Before Eminem ever gave me a call
I had that feeling that you have
But I hit that roof and that life flashed
Look around, sit down and write that
And Yelawolf took off on white trash

You can bump the new track below: