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Maxwell Jacob Friedman compares himself to Eminem




The AEW World Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, has a prominent place on each episode of Dynamite. Even though MJF occasionally appears more than once a night, he is always paid attention while he is present. There isn’t much fans can do about his undeniable talent, even though some may not like that fact.

Sean Sapp of Fightful recently brought up Eminem’s group D12 during an interview with Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He cracked a joke about their song “My Band.” Despite not having heard of D12, MJF nonetheless compared Eminem’s status in that rap group to his place on the AEW roster.

“Why would they [know the other members of the band] because nobody cares about the rest, Eminem’s the lead singer of the band. That’s why when people get upset that MJF is all over the f*cking show, get over it, I’m the lead singer of the band. Nobody’s tuning in to AEW to watch anyone else.” MJF said.

You can watch the interview below: