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The Game tells Eminem to get into the studio together to prove he’s better rapper




The Game has doubled down on his assertion he is a “better rapper” than Eminem after he made similar comments during his recent appearance on Drink Champs.

Yesterday, Game shared a clip on Instagram, saying: “When you all say Eminem is better and all that, I see it, I see it. I feel you. And you know what? If you feel like Eminem is better than me, that’s your opinion. But there is a lot of people that feel like I am better than Eminem, and that is their opinion. Me, personally, is Eminem better than me? Nah, he not, bro.”

“I think the best way to see if he is or if I am is…S**t ni**a, let’s rap about it. Let’s get up and get into the studio. Let’s do something, let’s put something out. Let’s see, ’cause that’s what this s**t is, bro. It’s rap.”

“I am striving to be the best human that I can possibly be — the best rapper, the best father, the best friend. I also gave Eminem his props in the same accord. As far as being better than me, nah. Eminem is not better than me. Bro, I am better than him. I said it again and I will keep saying it again, bro. It is what it is.”

You can watch it below: