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Lisa D’Amato tells unforgettable story about Eminem




After the Super Bowl performance, Eminem met Al Michaels where the two briefly praised and showed love to each other.

The video was shared by Snoop Dogg on his Instagram and American recording artist, fashion model and television personality, Lisa D’Amato, who played in Eminem’s “Superman” video, shared an untold story about Eminem in the comments:

“I met Eminem once. I kid you not he is an amazing person. Hear me out. I did his music vid for “Superman”. I was in the ouly hot girls pit. (Don’t ask- it more funny than anything) anyway, it was a few days till Xmas. We all thought we’d be paid for this gig way after the new year which is normal. Must wait for checks to pend with agencies all of that. He wasn’t having that. He made production go to the bank and give us all cash so everyone on set left with cold hard cash for the holidays! Thanks Em! I’ll never forget that. Also we were all treated great. Will never forget that.” she said.

You can check the screenshot of her comment below: