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Math Hoffa details Benzino reaching out to him to diss Eminem




In one of his latest episodes of Expert Opinion, Math Hoffa details the story of Benzino reaching out to him to record a disstrack towards Eminem.

“You know, years ago, when I was still youngster, Benzino called me up to be a part of that mixtape dissing Eminem. I agreed because this was the way to skip the shiny suits. This is pre-DMX. DMX came through and saved us from the shiny suits. Once I got the opportunity, I was like ‘yo I could skip that’ and everybody will know who I am.”

“I got in studio. I thought he was going to fall back and let me handle it. He had a response ‘Die Another Day.’ After that, he played Huddy’s response. After that he played LO’s response. Then after that he was like ‘yo I got these Spanish guys, they are dissing Eminem in Spanish.’ I think their name was Uno Dos or something like that. At that point, I was like ‘bro what you doing?!’ He was like ‘yo, I’m making whole mixtape and I’m going to drop it on Source.’ And then I was like ‘Naah, this ain’t it’ cause in my mind I was like ‘Em is better than you man’ [Laughs]. Benzino had his ways and I was not feeling it.” – said Math Hoffa.

You can watch the podcast below: