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Eminem to attend Marvel’s Hellfire Gala




Marvel’s rebooted X-Men universe is approaching a major event this summer: the Hellfire Gala. A single night at a party will change the X-Men’s world (and introduce a new X-Men team), and fans will get to witness it from 12 different viewpoints.

The Hellfire Gala has been an intriguing event concept, and Marvel has just upped the ante by announcing that some major celebrities will also be making an appearance at the Hellfire Gala, as par tof the Marvel Comics universe.

That list includes Detroit legend Eminem, Women’s Football star Alex Morgan, radio host Ira Glass, and late-night show host Conan O’Brien, to name a few.

Marvel is setting up these celebrity appearances at the Hellfire Gala as a fun little Easter egg hunt, as “Eagle-eyed fans will be able to spot all of our guests within various X-MEN titles at the Hellfire Gala.” So, not only is this a big signal flare to all the fans of these various celebrity figures – but it’s also a major incentive for Marvel fans to go out and collect all twelve chapters of the Hellfire Gala event.

For more details, visit Comic Book here.