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Anthony Mackie says Eminem used his real-life info for 8 Mile’s final rap battle


On Rich Eisen Show, Actor Anthony Mackie reveals a never before told story about ‘8 Mile’ final battle, B-Rabbit (Eminem) against Papa Doc.

One day we sit on a set and Eminem comes over and he’s like ‘what’s up man, I was reading a script and there is no reason for me not to like you, you are cool dude, I like you’ and then I said ‘I like you too.’ And then he was like ‘So you don’t mind if I add some stuff about you? I’m like sure go ahead. So before the entire 8 Mile final battle, he googles about me and learns about me and he basically makes fun of me as Papa Doc. [Laughs] And then I’m like ‘you getting little personal Mr. Marshall… I didn’t really go Cranbrook, but I did go at private school [laughs].” said Anthony Mackie

At the end of the video, one of the hosts also reveal a story about Brittany Murphy: “I was friends with the late Brittany Murphy and one time she told me a story that she had no idea how to throw up a middle finger cause she never flipped anyone off in her entire life until she did 8 Mile with Marshall. Eminem and her sit down and was teaching her how to do it. And if you watch the movie, he has a weird way of flipping people off. And if you look, she does the exact same way he does.

And the hosts finally decided to re-watch 8 Mile movie again. Watch the full thing below: