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Eminem responds to Jerome Kapp after performing ‘8 Mile’ freestyle on ‘Hard Knocks’




Jerome Kapp, an undrafted rookie wide receiver with the New York Jets, rose to fame after giving the renowned “8 Mile” freestyle by Eminem during the rookie talent competition, which was aired on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

And it seems Eminem absolutely loved it.

It’s very rare to see Eminem posting on social media but the original “B Rabbit” gave Kapp, who looked just like Eminem in the film with his hood pulled over a beanie, a salute on Twitter.

Slim Shady posted a simple salute emoji while tagging Kapp, HBO and the NFL above the full video of Kapp’s rapping performance, where he recited Eminem freestyle against Papa Doc word for word.

You can check the post below: