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Elliott Taylor tells inspiring story behind Eminem & Skylar Grey’s “Black Magic”




“Leaving Heaven,” Skylar Grey jumps on a song with Eminem on “Black Magic” from the deluxe edition of Music To Be Murdered By: Side B, produced by Skylar Grey and Jayson Dezuzio.

Skylar Grey’s fiancé, Elliott Taylor, who is also a musician, told a little inspiring story behind the song and shared super demo version of the track on Instagram.

“Straight up, the song “Black magic” by Eminem and Skylar Grey was started on an out of tune broken guitar, in a 400 square feet home with a shitty overheating laptop on a two feet shelf studio. Here is the first voice note of us free-styling high as f**k. Swipe right to feel the vibes. Never give up on your dreams fam. The greatest things in this world all start off like a s**tty design on a bar napkin. You just gotta try, and then keep trying.” says Elliott.

You can check out the post below: