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Royce 5'9"

Royce 5’9″ reveals he had Coronavirus, says he first heard about his Grammy nomination from Joyner Lucas & more




Yesterday Episode 12 of The Lupe Fiasco and Royce 5’9″ show called “Say What Media” was livestreamed on YouTube. During the conversation, Royce revealed that Joyner Lucas was the first person who called and congratulated on the Grammy nomination.

“I was talking to my doctor and then I noticed whole bunch of people started DMing me and texting me congratulations and I’m like why these people keep texting me this. And then my phone starts ringing. Then as soon as I hang up to my doctor the very first person who called was Joyner Lucas and he’s like ‘Yo congratulations ni**a!’ I’m like ‘CONGRATULATIONS FOR WHAT?!’ and he’s like ‘yo, on the Grammy nomination man.’ I immediately think to myself maybe they talking about Marshall album.”

“I didn’t even know Grammy were announcing nominations that day. I also didn’t know that E1, which is the company that I partnered up to release the album, I didn’t know they submitted it. I didn’t know my album got submitted for the Grammys.”

After the Grammy talks, Royce revealed that he has just beaten Coronavirus:

“I feel better now. I was sick, man. I was sick and I never get sick. I was man down for about 4 days. I was not feeling well. I had headaches. I had chills. It was like flu. It took about a week to get better. I feel great. But two of those days were really bad. I ain’t really wanted to talk. I was positive until yesterday to get negative.”

Watch the podcast below: