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Joyner Lucas tells how hard it is to get on the phone with Eminem & why he values his privacy




Joyner Lucas has recently sat down with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Jess Hilarious on The Breakfast Club to promote his new album “Not Now, I’m Busy” where he talked about how hard it is to get in touch with Eminem. He also reveals his never-before-heard conversation with Eminem and Royce 5’9″ and more.

“[When I have people doing dirty to me] It made me realize why n-ggas like Marshall move a certain way. That n-gga is like…getting on the phone with him is like…You could probably hop on the phone with Barack [Obama] quicker than you can hop on the phone with Marshall. That n-gga is calling you from the line where his manager’s assistant is calling you from 1-800 number and then it’s like elevated music and it’s like ‘please hold, Marshall’s coming to the phone.’ You can’t have his number. Nobody has his number. You are not accessible. You can’t talk to him. It’s like hopping on the phone with president. And I always wondered why this n-gga moves like that.” – said Joyner Lucas.

Then he continued: “I had a conversation with him on the shoot of the ‘Lucky You’ and I was in his trailer and I’m like ‘anytime you wanna talk, anytime you wanna build, you can hit me. We can talk. We can build on this music s–t.’ He was like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ and I could tell he was really like standoffish. And I asked Royce ‘yo, why is he like that?’ And he was like ‘that n-gga been through a lot of s–t. He’s really closed off from people.’ And I’m like ‘damn!’ And I never understood it. And when I started experiencing this s–t myself, I got it, instantly. I’m like ‘this is why this mothef–ker don’t want new friends. And I get it. 100%.”

“[He was the biggest star in the world at one point.] And he still is. He gotta drop a f–king album and he’s still…He just can’t be outside. He can’t be the n-gga that can be just outside like that. He just can’t walk in the streets of f–king New York. He’s a big deal to this day. He moves like that for a reason. You can probably get Jay-Z be texting n-ggas and s–t. Some n-ggas don’t know how to handle trauma and all that s–t. But I’m starting to get in the space now where it’s like I understand why this industry n-ggas move. When I came to the game I was like ‘these n-ggas are weird’ but now I see why n-ggas are weird.” Joyner Lucas added.

Earlier in the interview, Joyner was also asked why he’s not in the conversation of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake league on which he responded: “I’m in those conversations when you are talking to people like Marshall, you are talking to Eminem. He always mentions me. He puts me right next to them. He always talks about it and even in the records he’ll be saying like his favorite artist is…sometimes he throws my name first. Joyner, Cole, Kendrick. He definitely acknowledges that and in my mind he’s considered as one of the greatest if not the greatest so I’m getting if that guy says those things then I guess that stands for something.”