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Igor Severino takes the ‘Eminem Curse’ to the next level



Eminem / Igor Severino

Flyweight Igor Severino was disqualified on his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut on Saturday, March 24, 2024, after biting opponent Andre Lima during their Fight Night bout in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

In the second round of the fight between the two Brazilians, Lima yelled and signaled for the referee to stop the bout. The 25-year-old held up his left arm to show the bite mark and officials reviewed the footage before making the decision to disqualify Severino. UFC president Dana White later told combat sports website that Severino would be cut from the UFC.

“We were fighting well, and then at some point, for some reason, he decided to bite me,” Lima, speaking through a translator, told reporters after the fight. “I went down, and as I was getting up, I yelled because I felt sharp pain. I thought it was the fence at first. I thought ‘there was no way he would have bit me’, especially with the way the fight was going.” Later on Saturday, Lima posted a picture of himself on Instagram with a new tattoo of the bite mark, which was reposted by White along with a promise of a $50,000 bonus.

What Eminem has to do here? Igor Severino walked out to Eminem’s “Superman” instrumental, a track from his 2002 blockbuster album, The Eminem Show. There is a widespread theory that MMA fighters who walk out to Eminem’s music lose more frequently. Severino lost but in the most unexpected way possible. Disqualified for biting the opponent. You can watch the full fight below. Unfortunately the sound of the video is messed up by uploader to probably avoid the copyright strikes but you can still hear “Superman” beat if you listen closely.