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Joyner Lucas reveals Eminem was originally supposed to be on “ISIS” instead of Logic




About a year ago, Joyner Lucas dropped “Isis,” the third single from his 2019 album ADHD. The song is named after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; one of the most notorious terrorist factions of the 21st century.

On the track, Logic and Joyner Lucas discuss everything from ADHD to haters, women and success. Interestingly, this song marks the end of the feud between the two emcees, which started back in 2017.

“Eminem was originally supposed to be on ISIS song” – Joyner Lucas (November 16, 2020)

Few hours ago, Joyner Lucas revealed that Eminem was originally supposed to be on the song, but could not find the time because by that time, the Rap God was working on the Music To Be Murdered By album.

YouTuber Nitin Randhawa got you covered though. There is a very popular remix of the song on YouTube where you can have a taste of how Eminem could have sounded on a track.  You can check it out below: