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Royce 5’9″ says Bad Meets Evil with Eminem might come back after “PRhyme 3”




Royce 5’9” pulls up to the latest episode on Joe Budden Podcast to discuss Detroit Pistons merch collaboration in honor of J Dilla, his upcoming music, the current state of rap game, boxing, reminiscing with Joe on old Slaughterhouse shows, and much more! At one point of the interview, Joe asked Royce about new PRhyme installment.

Joe Budden: Can I ask you about PRhyme? Where is PRhyme?
Royce 5’9″: I’m working on it. We are working on it. PRhyme 3. Slowly but surely. BME? (Bad Meets Evil). That could happen. That might happen. But there is more PRhyme music that exists. And this is the first time in my career that I’ve been like up to my ears. And Preem beats that I have not got the chance to get to yet. Preem is so super focused. I can only dream to be that inspired at his age, where he is at it right now, how long he has been around, all the things he has accomplished and how motivated he continues to just be. That’s definitely inspiring.

Royce 5’9″ was recently on Ebro In The Morning where he talked about his future plans regarding new music: “Me and Preem are working on PRhyme 3 but I’ve been taking my time with it cause I have few other things that I’ve been working on that I can’t quite discuss it. I’m more excited about these two things in particular that I’m working on right now probably more than anything I’ve ever been a part of. I’d love to give people a rap album right now but it is not just happening like that. I’d love to go in and just do Bar Exam right now but the bar is so low. I don’t know if I’m not motivated, I just don’t feel it. I look at people that I look up to. Like Hov for instance. I don’t personally think like he needs to do another album again, ever. I just feel like what he’s doing now on an executive level is way more beneficial to the culture than any music that he can do at this juncture but when he was at a point in his career where the music was the most important, pertinent thing that he can contribute he gave it to us at the highest level possible.”

You can watch the interview below: