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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park talks battling & collabing with Eminem




Mike Shinoda, the co-founder the rock band Linkin Park and is co-lead vocalist, as well as rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, primary songwriter and producer for the bad, has recently done a question and answer session on Twitch with the fans. During 1-hour long conversation, Shinoda briefly talked about Eminem too.

During the livestream, one user commented: “Imagine Mike Shinoda having a rap battle with Eminem. Maybe they should go on epic rap battles of history as themselves!” On which, Mike Shinoda replied: “You mean imagine me like a toddler getting blown up by a nuclear weapon? Eminem is the greatest freestyle rapper, greatest battle rapper of all time. I don’t give a s–t what anybody says.

Someone asked: “If not a rap battle, please do a collab with Eminem, we all grew up listening to both Linkin Park and Eminem.” On that, Mike replied: “Am I gonna collab with Eminem? Probably not. I think Eminem is incredible but it’s not on to-do list.

You can watch the video clip cut out from the livestream below: