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BREAKING: Epic Games adds Eminem in “Fortnite”




The potential Eminem and Fortnite collaboration has been one of the most popular topics recently. Back in 2022, Eminem took over Fortnite’s ICON radio station, allowing players to listen to some of his greatest hits.

This happened on Saturday, August 13, 2022 and many players believed this was Epic Games’ way of teasing a potential Fortnite x Eminem collaboration. They turned out to be right, as the video game developers have officially confirmed the collaboration with the real Slim Shady.

Fans on social media are losing their mind with the news that Eminem is getting Fortnite skin. “Never in my days I would believe this” said one user. Another added: “Welcome to Fortnite Eminem, unexpected haha.” 

Everything We Know About the Chapter 4 Finale (Durian) Live Event so far:

• Titled: “The Big Bang”
• NPC Characters
• Time Machine, Meteor, Rockets Involved
• Ends with Black Hole
• Eminem Concert Pre/Post Event
• LEGO, Racing Mode somehow shown

The Fortnite “BIG BANG” Event will be the BIGGEST one to date. It’s 1.5GB+ making it the biggest in terms of files size alone.