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Fortnite may be teasing Eminem collaboration




Image by: @_FireMonkey

Fortnite may be teasing some kind of Eminem event or a collaboration, though we are not sure exactly what that will look like.

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the industry right now and has really evolved into a gigantic platform. The game is famous for its crossovers with Disney, Marvel, DC, and other big brands around the world.

Back in 2020, one of the biggest film directors of this generation, Christopher Nolan even debuted the trailer for Tenet movie in Fortnite game. Epic Games has even held concerts within the game for major artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

With that said, it seems like another concert or some other kind of event is on the way. Over the weekend, Fortnite players began noticing that the ICONs radio station in the game was only playing Eminem songs, including Venom, the song featured in the Marvel movie by the same name.

All the songs that were playing in the game was from Eminem’s latest compilation project “Curtain Call 2” which is his greatest hits album from 2009 to 2022.

This might be the promotion of CC2 or some big event, featuring Eminem, is coming!