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50 Cent

50 Cent talks about his current relationship with Eminem




50 Cent has recently sat down with XXL magazine where he explains what his classic album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, means to him and offers details on his new collaboration with Nas on the song “Office Hours” from Magic 2 album. Other moments throughout the exclusive interview include some advice 50 had for Chief Keef at the onset of his career, hilarious jokes aimed at Busta Rhymes, who is Fif’s supporting act on The Final Lap Tour, current relationship with Eminem and more.

“I love him [Eminem] to death. That’s my boy. I don’t care what happens. Em, Dre, Jimmy and Paul Rosenberg were able to come to London. I did Wireless Fest. So I was out there and the came for my birthday to hang out and we got a chance to kick it. I talk to him. I just called him randomly. I texted him to say what’s up.” says 50 Cent.

Then he continues: “Em is like…I don’t know I put him next to my grandmother. Let me tell you why. It was never a point that I had confusion going on that, for artists the most vulnerable point for us is confusion, cause you have money, you have things around to comfort you but when you are in space where there is that confusion and can’t figure out what direction to write in. You can’t figure out what to do and then you don’t feel good. It’s just low point for creative people. Whatever that was going on, he was not participating ever. There was always a place where I could go to communicate or just talk to him and know that he has my best interests at heart like friends.

“When we say, ‘nah, that’s my man!’ I think we give the title ‘friend’ away too easy… And about Super Bowl, they don’t understand the relationship. They were tying to get Em do the Super Bowl without me. It would not happen!” Fif added.

You can watch the interview below: