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Millyz talks Eminem’s influence & “Stan” sample




In this exclusive interview with AllHipHopTV, Millyz talks about his struggles of getting to the top of the underworld. He also speaks with Jigsaw about being signed to legendary Jadakiss, discusses being a white rapper in the rap game and the influence that Eminem had over him when growing up.

“Eminem was probably the one that made me go ‘If he did it, I can do it. Because there was not that example. Eminem, Paul Wall. As far as me, looking in the mirror like ‘Okay, there are some serious white rappers.'” – said Millyz

Then he continues: “I sampled Dido’s voice that Eminem sampled on ‘Stan.’ So, I sampled the ‘Stan’ sample. Even when I put it out I said ‘I just cleared the Stan sample.’ To me it’s a Stan sample cause I don’t know the other song. But thank you to her.”

You can watch the interview below:

In case you missed it, Millyz has recently released his version of Eminem’s iconic song with Dido, “Stan.” You can listen to it below: