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Royce 5'9"

Royce 5’9″ announces new EP & virtual world for fans and artists to connect with him




Royce 5’9″ announces his partnership with Passage for the launch of a new virtual world, The Heaven Experience, in advance of his upcoming EP project, The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions, which drops on Friday, March 31. In order to commemorate the 313 Day, Royce took the stage at halftime during the Detroit Pistons’ game and revealed his collaboration with Passage.

Fans can participate by buying the Heaven Experience Pass on April 4, which will offer exclusive opportunities to connect with Royce 5’9″ throughout 2023. The EP can be found across all streaming platforms and on sale on iTunes through Heaven Studios Inc. in partnership with The Orchard.

“I have been searching for a better way to connect with my community for a while, but existing platforms haven’t lived up to my expectations. Passage delivers on all fronts.” says Royce.

Heaven Experience passholders will benefit from connecting directly to Royce and his team, real-time engagement with the community and artists, and access to exclusive songs, performances, interviews, VIP events, meetups, apparel, and more.

The Heaven Experience doubles down on Royce 5’9″‘s commitment to community, offering a unique, immersive space to authentically engage with fans, artists, and the community. The initiative follows a successful sixty-second sell-out of his first NFT offering, which gave fans a percentage of streaming royalties from the critically acclaimed single, “Caterpillar,” ft. Eminem and King Green.

By allowing creators to connect directly with their audience in immersive, 3D virtual settings, Passage is empowering artists and brands to forge deeper relationships with their supporters and engage in ways that aren’t possible with existing social platforms.

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