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Machine Gun Kelly reacts after his tour bus vandalized with “Rap Devil F****t” paints




Machine Gun Kelly is not getting a warm welcome on his tour stop in Nebraska. One of his buses was just tagged with graffiti, including a homophobic slur that says: “Rap Devil Fa***t:

As shown is the video below, someone spray-painted both sides of MGK’s tour bus with one side reading, “RAP DEVIL F*****.” The other has an image which looks like to be a p*nis that’s e*aculating.

As you might know, “Rap Devil” is a diss-track by Kelly directed at Eminem. So this might be done by one of Slim Shady’s fans.

Texas-born artist has recently shared a video where he responds the vandalism: “You spray-painted a wrong bus! You f**king idiot. Do the first part of the crime right. They washed it off before I even saw it. Aren’t you sad? I’m still in bad. You suck.”

You can watch the video below: