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Here is how much Eminem earned from Spotify in 2021 alone




Eminem’s catalog was streamed 3,600,000,000 (3.6 billion) times on Spotify in 2021 alone.

Spotify generally pays between $.00318 and $.00521 per stream to the artists, meaning you will need roughly 250 streams to make a dollar. Rates depend from which country people are streaming (and many other factors).

If we multiply 3,600,000,000 streams by $.00318, and 3,600,000,000 streams by $.00521, Eminem earned between $11,448,000 ($11.4 million) ‬and $18,756,000 ($18.8 million). Thus, average earning for Slim Shady is $15,102,000 ($15.1 million).

All these numbers are coming from Spotify alone. Now imagine the total numbers from YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL.

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