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Keyon Christ says Kanye West’s “Midas Touch” features Eminem, J. Cole, Pusha T & Rihanna




Former GOOD Music producer, Keyon Christ, there is a Kanye West song titled “Midas Touch” and the remix version of it features Eminem, J. Cole, Pusha T, Rihanna and Jeremih. Keyon said it in a recent question and answer session on Discord.

“Midas Touch” also referred as “Mitus Touch” is a reference track written and performed by Kanye West for Rihanna and it is produced by Keyon Christ.

Keyon also told to his fanbase that he’s going to release his vaulted music through NTF as it is the only legal way to share it to the world.

Kanye West and J. Cole version was surfaced online few years back. You can listen to it below:

For more details from Q&A, check the post below: