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Lil Nas X uses same sample on a new song “Don’t Want It” as Eminem on “Mockingbird”




Lil Nas X has released new album “MONTERO” and it includes a song titled “DONT WANT IT.”

It features producer credits from Nick Mira and Lil Nas X himself, as this is the first song Lil Nas has helped co-produce on.

The song interpolates the folk nursery rhyme “Hush, Little Baby” in its chorus. Lil Nas X is not the first rapper to do so — the song was also sampled in Eminem’s 2004 hit song “Mockingbird” from Encore album. Lil Nas’ song also interpolates Eminem’s “Mockingbird.”

Here is what it sounds when both songs “DONT WANT IT” and “Mockingbird” are put together: