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Eminem’s 19-year old song was most streamed rap song this week on Spotify




Eminem just can’t stop winning!

Slim Shady‘s 2004 single “Mockingbird,” was the most listened rap song this week on Spotify with 15.4 million streams on the platform.

The song has recently hit a major milestone by crossing 1 billion streams on Spotify. How did a nearly 20-year-old Marshall Mathers song dedicated to his daughter become so popular again? Well, like most old songs that resurface these days, it’s because of a video app platform TikTok.

On TikTok, the hashtag #mockingbird has been used in videos that have gotten over 1.7 billion views while #mockingbirdeminem has gotten an additional 500 million views. Like many other TikTok songs, a sped-up version of “Mockingbird” is also popular, having been used in over 150,000 videos. Many TikTok users have also covered the song, mimicking the Detroit rapper’s singsong style but adding their own vocal chops.

After hearing a snippet of the song on TikTok, many users likely jump to Spotify to hear the full version of the song, helping it garner 500 million streams in just one year.

Eminem was also a rapper with the most songs in the Top 20 hip-hop songs this week. “Mockingbird” at No. 1, “Without Me” at No. 11, “The Real Slim Shady” at No. 13, “Superman” at No. 15 and “Lose Yourself” at No. 16.