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Jack Harlow says Eminem phone call meant everything to him




Yesterday, during an interview with Billboard on 2021 MTV Video Music Awards’ red carpet, Jack Harlow revealedhe jumped on the phone with Eminem following their “Killer” collaboration, and the Detroit legend let him know he is a big fan of him.

“We did not get to meet, but we had a phone call that meant the world to me. I have not shared it with the world yet, but I can not wait until the world hears it. He gave me a lot of props that any artist would love to get. Sometimes, the best gem is just somebody you admire, letting you know who you think you are. He let me know, ‘You’re that. You’re dope.’ I have waited a decade to hear that. So it was special.” said Harlow

The Shelbyville, Kentucky-born rapper is probably going to share the phone-call via one of his songs’ intro or as a skit on the album.

For the full interview, hit Billboard here.