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Lupe Fiasco shouts out Eminem while dissing Royce on “Steve Jobs” song




Originally titled “Steve Jobs: SLR 3 1/2,” the song is a response to Royce da 5’9”’s track “Silence of the Lambda” and was released in a couple of hours after Royce dropped it.

The title of the track follows from Lupe’s series of wordplay-rich and braggadocios tracks from the past viz. SLR (Super Lupe Rap), SLR 2 and SLR 3 (Round of Applause).

The 1/2 in the title may point to the fact that Lupe might not have completely gone all out on Royce at the moment with this track and he left something behind and ready to unleash it whenever and if Royce responds back.

Fans might have overlooked the lines in “Steve Jobs” track where Lupe gave shout out to Eminem. In the verse two, Fiasco raps:

Your penmanship has the fingerprints of a gimmick
And affection and the intimacy of impressions of that ni**a you friends with
I ain’t gotta say it to say it
I can’t even blame you, the nigga’s one of my favorites

Lupe is saying that Royce bit Eminem’s style of rhyming. He says that he sees ‘affection’ and ‘intimacy of impressions’ of Eminem’s pen in Royce’s rhymes. Fiasco goes on to to say that he can’t even blame Royce because Eminem is one of his favorites too.

Revisit the track below: