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THEORY: Eminem & Cole Bennett are definitely releasing another video



Couple of days ago, a picture of Eminem rapping in front of a big green screen surfaced online. The photo instantly sparked the rumors of Eminem dropping the new music video.

Based on the theory provided by one of the Southpawers, @CeaTee_Reviews, this might be true. Read every detail carefully below.

1. In the leaked photo, there are white little dots on the green screen. They are for multiple layered effects.


It is used so they can put something behind Eminem and in front of him at the same time. Like they did it in “Godzilla” music video:


That’s a special green screen that is rarely used for music videos but that’s exactly Cole Bennett’s style. Few days ago, Cole Bennett posted a pictures of a same setup of the green-screen on his Instagram stories:


2. About a week ago, Cole Bennett was in Michigan! Detroit! 8 Mile Road!


3. “It’s gonna be a big December. As of right now there are three videos coming out in December. I can’t say what they are but they are all very special in their own way.” – Said Cole Bennett in an interview few days ago.

4. Kxng Crooked jokingly told fan something related to Eminem happening in mid-December, but was it a joke, at all?!

5. Eminem got really active on Twitter lately. This usually happens when Eminem is preparing to drop something! Em made about 10 tweets in 1 month time span. This is unusual.

6. Why Conway The Machine and Westside Boogie’s albums were pushed back to 2021? Is Eminem releasing something? Tell us your theories in the comments of our social media accounts!